Proof Reading

If you check this site out, you will find that the English is written in a good style. This means that paragraphs are not over-long; grammer is correct; punctuation is correct; alternative words are used, in order to minimize word repetition - and so on. Further, there are no typos (typographical errors), mis-spellings or incorrect word usage and content is divided sensibly into paragraphs, sections etc. In this way, it presents itself as pleasant reading matter to the reader.

This is important because, if a site contains such errors and poor style, it sub-consciously, at the least, influences the opinion that the visitor has of the site host organization. Haven't you ever visited a web-site and thought that if they cannot even say exactly what they mean, surely the quality of their products, services or message cannot be so great. Under the level of conciousness, this effect can be amplified greatly.

As a built in part of our service, we perform such proof reading of every single published article. Note: This only applies to the English language, as we currently have no available Dutch or other language proof-reader, of sufficient quality, available.

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