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Our pricing standards are simple.euros

  1. An initial consultation of approximately one hour and an estimate of costs (offerte) will be without charge.
  2. Over and above any expenses involved and the costs of extra external services, our services will, currently, be calculated at the rate of 360 Euros, per day of actual development time*. N.B. For EU clients, please, do bear in mind that this rate does not include BTW (Dutch VAT), which is currently charged, in the Netherlands,at a rate of 21%.
  3. All costs of external services, such as hosting, certification, domain purchase, specialized licenses etc. will be charged to the client, at cost price. The time required for arranging these services, may, however, be charged for, separately.
  4. Tuition, which you may request, will be charged at the same rate, as above (maximum 4 persons in a session).
  5. After-launch maintenance charges are also the same. e.g. a basic maintenance contract involves approximately 4 hours of work and is therefore charged at the rate of 180 Euros (ex VAT)  /  year.

* We want to make our rates to be as low, as is conceivably possible. We do, however, reserve the right to review these rates ,at any time, but we are expecting to maintain our hourly charges at the rate, stated above, until at least some time, in 2016. Most people, checking out other similar companies, will find that it is an extremely low rate for an hour of professional developer time.

Budget hint:
Think about saving costs by coming to your free first consultation, fully equipped with all your ideas on paper and with details of content and a concept for the look-and-feel of the site.

Retainer fee

In order to proceed with actual development, we expect a retention fee of at least 25% of total costs of all consultation and development fees agreed upon (not including the initial free consultation, of course), to be paid, in advance. 


So, you're on a tight budget. Who isn't, these days? The pricing seems quite high. Why? Answers here!

The pricing seems so low. How can we do that, without sacrificing quality? Answers here!

Here we give some examples of possible contracts and their costs, to give some idea of what impact the new site will have on your budget. Typical pricing examples here!

Expenses after launch

So, you're probably worried that the site will require some maintenance, after launch. It will, unless you have the services of an experienced technician available to you. Site maintenance will surely cost something, in time, but we can minimize the costs. However, security updating and general maintenance can be always expected to be charged at, at least, 180 Euros per year (ex VAT). This does not include the cost of hosting, which, if required, will cost a minimum of 90 Euros/year.

Read more about: Maintenance costs, after launch.

Budget hint:
After the site's launch, you can budget, by learning to do as much as you can yourself. We give personal tuition and there is plenty of help on-line. Joomla, WordPress and other CMSs are generously supported by a thriving community.

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