Price is too high for our budget!

Q: Our budget is tight, so we are looking for a good price. Why are you so expensive?

A: Our Work is not expensive.

Even if a student offers to work tax-free, losing you all your safeguards, for, say, 10 Euros/hour, he/she would lack the experience to work fast and efficiently, so it may well cost more, in the end, to achieve an inferior web-presence. If this person did good work, he/she would be employed by a legitimate company, for a fair price, or else be earning money, by freelancing to companies, such as ours.

A site build by inexperienced - or worse incompetent - developers would never match up to the exacting standards that we are able to work to, expeditiously. Therefore, it would generate less interest from potential visitors - which is what you are after.

In addition, you must consider the costs of equipment and licences, to achieve all the magic, not to mention tax, insurance, energy bills, bookkeeping and all the other costs of running an accountable enterprise.

Our rates are, in fact, highly competitive, in the Dutch marketplace, relative to the speed and quality of our work. Some have said they are ridiculously low.

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