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Once the pre-requisites are complied with and the standards, by which we work are fully understood and agreed to, we can begin the process. This will involve, first, an assessment of the task in hand and the compliance with our requirements. This may require some investigation. If it is agreed to undertake the job, then a fairly detailed estimate of the costs will be offered.

All of the above is offered cost-free. We do not charge for estimates, but we do reserve the right to turn down any request, on any grounds, without the need to state those grounds.

Over and above any expenses involved and the costs of extra external services, my work will currently be invoiced at the rate of 55 Euros per hour. This does not include BTW (Dutch VAT), which is currently charged at a rate of 19%. 

Once the estimate is offered, it will only vary if the contract changes, during the development process. When we are satisfied that the agreed payment will certainly be made, on completion of the job (acceptable legal agreement or cash deposit), the task will begin. 

All web-site requirements are different, as are all all clents. Therefore, it is difficult to make fixed rules for how the process will unfold or what a site will cost to make. 

Most communication may be made by email and/or telephone, but it is often necessary for face-to-face communication, at some stages of development. Therefore, one or more personal meetings may be necessary. If it is necessary for me to travel, my travelling time and expenses will be charged.

Very often, tuition of one sort or another will be recommended or even essential. It would be necessary, for example, for someone who has never worked with a CMS (Content Management System) to understand the principles and methods of editing, adding deleting and moving content, without the need for a costly professional service. Such tuition may cost upwards of 100 Euros, in trainer time.

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